What is Team 15?

Queen Mary is part of a nationwide network of windsurfing clubs where young people aged 16 and under can get together to learn new windsurfing skills and have a laugh with their mates on the water. Since the same faces come back regularly, you’ll definitely make new friends as well.  

Whatever your skill level, regular windsurfing sessions will improve your windsurfing ability very quickly. If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll have the basics mastered in no time. From first time windsurfer to a relative expert, Team15 clubs welcome all levels.  

Team15 offers young people two opportunities; to be part of club sessions plus participate in the Interclub events where your team can go head-to-head with other teams in your region to decide an overall regional champion. Each club can enter the Interclub challenges with a team of up to 15 people aged 16 and under Team15!


Team 15 meet on Saturday morning from Easter through to October.

Open to Club members:

  • £42 with own kit (This is the price if you are a select member)
  • £102 if you would like to use ours.

The group meets at 9.30am on Saturday mornings and you need to have your windsurfing RYA Stage 2 to join the group - otherwise you can take a course to get you up to speed first. For more information on courses click here or phone us on 01784 248881.

T15 Dates for 2018 are:

Term 1: 21 April - 26 May

Term 2:   9 June - 14 July

Term 3: 8 September - 20 October


T15 Kit

The T15 kit includes:

Bic Techno Boards

A range of Tushingham sails from Dino 3.5m-4.5m, Concept 5.5m and XR Race 5.5m CAM.


We also hold some cool freestyle and other sessions throughout the season, open to members and non-members.

Join In

Book any of these terms or sessions through the QM Office - 01784 248881, or contact the T15 coach Therese Maher for more information: tezmaher@me.com.

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