The Atlantic Alone - Lizzy starts our winter talks 

The Atlantic Alone: Setting sail for the 2015 Mini Transat! Have you ever wondered what it's like to be alone, at sea, in the middle of a storm? With no land in sight, no boats nearby, and with the absolute minimum of technological aids?   This is a typical Friday night for Lizzy as she. . . read more

New windguru station 

The New Wind Station went live yesterday! To get a pure wind reading we have positioned the station on top of the windsurf cage, a 150M transmitting distance to the club. Although the system is detailed to work at 250M we have seen patchy readings in the last 18 hours. We will be watching and. . . read more

East Side Hoist Not Working 


Just a quick note to update. The east side hoist is currently not working, so the west side (next to club house) will be busier. Repair to the middle west side pontoon is going well, but it will not be in action this weekend.

Please arrive with plenty of time to go sailing and racing.

Massive Laser 4.7 Regatta Coming Soon! 

Calling all Laser 4.7 Sailors... Whoop Whoop ... WARNING SIGNAL ... Book your place now! Esso WINTER CHAMPS + GUL LASER 4.7 LADDER 5 + European and World Qualifier 1 Weekend Regatta at Queen Mary Sailing Club Saturday 31st January - Sunday 1st February, 2015Booking details on Laser. . . read more
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