About the Club

The Club was founded in 1972 on Queen Mary Reservoir which was originally built between 1919 and 1924. We are very proud of our rich heritage as a top racing venue, the home of the iconic Bloody Mary as well as a friendly members Club with a firm place in the local community

We have developed a set of key principles which inform our day to day activities

The building of the reservoir

The plans for building the reservoir were originally concieved in 1912 when it was first thought that two would be built. These were subsequently altered with the bund (or baffle) put in place to promote water circulation from inlet to outlet. This measure was considered to be important to promote the purity of the water prior to the introduction of chlorination in 1916. The reservoir was completed on Dec 31st 1924 and opened by King George V on June 12th 1925.

It has a surface area of 707 acres and has a capacity of 6,700 million gallons. The length of the perimeter is nearly four miles and the City of London could easily be accommodated in it. Click here for more details.

How the club was founded

The founding of the club 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 8:57:12 AM
It was a hot and sunny day in August 1970 and the world and his wife, children and dog, were enjoying the River Thames in every sort of craft imaginable. The afternoon race at Thames Sailing Club was abandoned due to lack of wind. With a pint in his ... read more

2014 - Bart's Bash founded at Queen Mary | Sir Ben Ainslie sails in the club's largest ever 'Sunday race' 177 boats, part of the Largest Sailing Race in the World.

2012 - refurbished clubhouse

coming up the steps from the ground floor   The newly refurbished hall   entrance to the lounge   the new glass screens   new dining tables and chairs   new reception desk and more open office  

2012 - 40th anniversary

Commodore Andrew Craig with our 40th anniversary cake   The newly refurbished clubhouse   Peter Cowie explains how the Club was founded   Paul Stainsby sailing a vintage laser at the Ruby Regatta   Ollie Fripp and Martin Thomas in his vintage Albercore   Watching the pin end at the start of the racing  


January Snow   Visit of HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in March   Commemorating the Testing of Minuature Submarines at the Club during WW2   Looking at photos taken during a previous visit in the 1970s     Club Trip to Lake Garda May   Club Trip to Lake Garda May     Commodores Dinner July   Commodores Dinner July   Commodores Dinner July   The Portakabin goes at last   Farewell to the Portakabin   new classrooms arrive   Club Trip to Minorca Sailing  


Sunrise         Winter Sunset    


Arrival of Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson at their Homecoming Celebration August 2008       The Golden girls on their return to the Club from the Beijing Olympics   Welcoming the Golden Girls home   Homecoming Fireworks      


Sarah Webb at the launch of the new Sailability lugger  


Sarah Webb, Nick Dempsey and Sarah Ayton with Commodore Janet Pain on their return from the Athens Olympic Games       Signing autographs for young club members   Charles Wand-Tetley and our Sarahs  


RYA BT Youth National Match Racing Finals July 1993              


Jim Saltonstall and the first National Youth Training Squad     1986 Bloody Mary   October 1988 Gale    


1973 Clubhouse being built   1974 Upper Deck Restuarant   1976 Low Tide   Phil Crebbin and Derek Clarke before the 1976 Montreal Olympics   HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh visiting the NSSA Finals in 1977     1977 Carnival float  


An outline of the reservoir over the 1914 map of the area  



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