Bart’s Bash is back at Queen Mary SC!

The world is going sailing again with Bart's Bash #4!  This year it's all happening over the weekend of 16/17 September 2017, with lots of ways you can get involved at QMSC and join in the largest sailing race in the world.  As well as the main race on Sunday morning, we have a race on Saturday morning, AND Bart's Buoy Race will be running all weekend so you can turn up and try your speed in a Pico on either day.



Bart’s Bash – Sunday Club Race

The first race of the day on Sunday 18 September will count as our Bart’s Bash main race. This is the Club's normal Sunday race and counts towards the Autumn Series so a double bonus for all involved! Newcomers and potential members are welcome to join us on this special day.




Bart’s Buoy Race

All weekend (10am till 4pm both days) there will be a fleet of Picos available to jump in and sail around the ‘Bart’s Bash Buoy’ and back. Record a time and distance to get an official result on the world wide Leaderboard, as you compete against the best in the world all over the world!




There are no charges for entry to Bart’s Bash, but if you would like to donate and help raise funds for disabled sailing there are three ways to do it.


Bart’s Bash Fundraising Campaign

With the decision being made to remove sailing from the Paralympics, the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation pledges to use the funds raised through Bart’s Bash in 2016 to help promote and develop disabled sailing globally.

The funds raised from the event will be distributed via national sailing federations or through the official ASSF grants process, with the aim to support grassroots disabled sailing projects and make disabled sailing more accessible.

Since being founded in 2014, the Foundation has been providing the challenges of a sailing environment to promote health and wellbeing, and to develop personal skills that will improve a young person’s ability to succeed in life and work.

The Foundation recognises that sailing as a sport is not always accessible to all, due to financial, physical, learning disability, mental health or social barriers. The charity works to breaks down these barriers by working with sailing providers by offering financial and practical support.

To date, the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation has pledged funds of over £600,000 on a range of inspiring sailing projects across 8 countries. Visit to find out more.


Thank you for reading...  'Let's do it!'

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