Welcome to Bart’s Bash at Queen Mary.

The world is going sailing again with Bart's Bash now in it's 5th year!  This year it's all happening over the weekend of 15/16 September 2018 and there are lots of ways you can get involved at Queen Mary to join in the largest sailing race in the world.  As well as the main race on Sunday morning, we have a race on Saturday morning and the Bart's Buoy Race will be running all weekend so you can turn up and try your speed in a Pico on either day.


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Saturday 15th September

Saturday Club and Sailability will be having an event on Saturday with a briefing at 10:00 and the start at 11:30.  The course and the racing will be suited to boats of all speeds and crews of all abilities.  To take part you don't need to book if you have your own boat, just turn up on the day.  If you plan to use a Club or Sailability boat then that needs to be booked in the usual way.  By signing on and taking part, your results will be entered for you into the global table.

Also on Saturday Team 15 will be taking part in their own special Bart's buoy race.


Sunday 16th September

Bart’s Bash – Sunday Club Race

The first race of the day on Sunday will count as our Bart’s Bash main race. This is the Club's normal Sunday race and counts towards the Autumn Series so a double bonus for all involved! Newcomers and potential members are welcome to join us on this special day.  There will be a briefing at 09:30 and the race starts at 10:30.  If you plan to use a Club boat then that needs to be booked in the usual way.  By signing on and taking part, your results will be entered for you into the global table.

Also on Sunday our Intro to Race Group and Youth Group will be doing their own special events for Bart's Bash.



Bart’s Buoy Race

All weekend (10am till 4pm both days) there will be a fleet of Picos available to jump in and sail around the ‘Bart’s Bash Buoy’ and back. Record a time and distance to get an official result on the world wide Leaderboard, as you compete against the best in the world all over the world!



There are no charges for entry to Bart’s Bash, but if you would like to donate and help raise funds for disabled sailing you can: Make a donation via the Bart's Bash website or put money in the club's collection tin.


What is Bart’s Bash?

Bart’s Bash is when the world goes sailing!

It's a global sailing event raising funds for the Andrew Simpson Foundation and verified by Guinness World Records as ‘The Largest Sailing Race in the World’. Bart’s Bash is the day when we especially remember and race in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, the double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the Americas Cup in 2013. Since its launch in 2014 more than 800 venues, 54,000 sailors across 62 countries have participated, these figures calculated before this year’s event due to be held on 15th, 16th September.


Thank you for reading...  'Let's do it!'

Sign up at www.bartsbash.com


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