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Laser Std

Sail Number: 3795

Year: unknown

Price:  £650

This boat will not win any national championships, however is ideal for someone looking to get out on the water and race on a budget.

  • Red hull in OK condition, with a few repairs on the bow and gunwales
  • Inspection hatches either side of daggerboard case
  • Both rudder and daggerboard and present and in reasonable condition for her age.
  • Standard size sail (with a different number on the sail to the hull)
  • All spars are in good condition
  • All control lines present with XD setup
  • Blue rooster top cover
  • Launch trolley




Laser Std

Sail Number: 152825

Year: unknown

Price:  £1,650

This hull is in good condition and ideal if you want to start club racing.


  • Hull (white) in good condition (with a few stress marks visible on the deck)
  • Standard mainsail in reasonable condition (please note sail has a different number to hull number)
  • Silver spars in good condition with all control lines present
  • XD setup
  • Launching trolley
  • Grey top cover
  • Foils in good condition with minor chips

There are additional rig packages and upgrades available.



Laser Pico

Sail Number: unknown

Year: unknown

Price:  £750

Laser pico ready to get you on the water - perfect as an intro boat for all ages!

  • Yellow hull in very good condition
  • Black spars with new ropes on the outhaul, downhaul & kicker
  • Daggerboard in very good condition
  • Rudder has a few chips round the edge, but very durable!
  • Mainsail has been used but still plenty of life left in it
  • Comes with a very old road base (not road worthy) or alternatively you can upgrade to a launching trolley



Topper Topaz Magno (no sails)

Sail Number: unknown

Year: unknown

Price:  £875

This boat is fantastic condition, all she needs is a full set of sails to get her on the water!


  • Grey hull in fantastic condition
  • Road base
  • Launching trolley
  • Rudder and centreboard in very good condition (no chips)
  • Top cover included

We can assist in buying a full set of new sails at an additional cost.





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