Racing Fleets

If you are interested in a particular fleet the office team will be happy to arrange for you to talk to the fleet captain about their fleet and introduce you to some of the fleet members. A number of other boats race in our handicap fleets so if your boat is not listed below, then please contact the office.

Using this page click on the logo for the class association, Facebook for the main group area and page links for more information. The main fleets at the club are:


Laser and Laser Radial >> Visit Page

The laser fleet is the largest at the Club with over 100 in the boat park. Fleet members vary in age from early teens to early 70's and contain a wide variety of standards including past Olympic competitors and current National Youth Squad hopefuls. For up to date information and a discussion forum for the fleet, visit

Laser BIG Sunday Series 2018

4th February

29th April

1st July

30th September

18th November

Laser Training Dates

30 December 2017

More dates for 2018 to be announced ...




A highly competitive and very social fleet, the RS400s will be sure to be competing in all Club racing including Sundays, Wednesday nights and Pursuit Races.  We are a fleet that is growing and welcoming to new sailors.  Many sailors participate successfully in National Circuit Races.   Follow the link for more information on RS400 sailing, email our Fleet Captain Chris Stanton on or visit our Facebook Group -RS400 Fleet at QMSC

RS400 Gold Fleet Series 2018

(Racing within Sunday club series)

Sunday 18th March

Sunday 8th April

Sunday 13th May

Sunday 17th June

Sunday 15th July

Sunday 5th August

Sunday 2nd September

Sunday 14th October

Sunday 18th November

RS400 Traiining Dates

At least one training day is planned for 2018 - updates will follow once details finalised ...


Image result for rs200 logo




RS200 Series 2018

(Racing within Sunday club series)

Overall results from RS EoS on 24/25 February to count

Overall results from RS SEAS on 17 March to count

Sunday 8th April

Sunday 13th May

Sunday 10th June

Sunday 8th July

Sunday 12th August

Sunday 9th September

Sunday 14th October

Sunday 11th November

RS200 Training Dates




Flying Fifteen

The International Flying Fifteen is exciting two person racing keelboat; it has the characteristics of a dinghy, it planes, it’s exhilarating, it’s small enough to trail to open meetings, there is competitive fleet sailing, it involves a great bunch of people young and old, and you have fun on the water and ashore. Follow the link for more information on Flying Fifteen sailing.


International Moth

Queen Mary plays host to the largest inland fleet of these exciting single handed foiling dinghies. Very spectacular to sail and watch when the wind is up


Topper >> Visit Youth Pages

More and more of our Youth members are moving to the Topper fleet. The Club encourages young sailors to take part in local and national competitions



With 13 boats, QMSC has the second largest fleet of RS700s in the UK and together with the active MPS fleet provides an excellent range of competitive inland skiff racing on both Wednesday evenings and Sundays. If you are new to single handled skiff sailing there are plenty of friendly faces in the fleet to help you through the challenging learning curve. Alternatively, if you are an experienced pro, we've also got some big names in the RS700 world to race against or just enjoy a blast around the lake with. For more information contact the club secretary to get in touch with the RS700 fleet captain


Anyone who has been lucky enough to sail a catamaran in a good breeze will know what a thrill it is to “fly a hull”. Catamarans have the speed to satisfy those who wish to race and also the stability of 2 hulls, which can make a great platform for just lazing around on the water when you prefer your sailing that way. At Queen Mary we have 3 main cat classes, Sprint 15, Dart 16, Dart 18. The Sprint 15 and Dart 18 both have very active class associations and run very competitive race series throughout the year. For more information, take a look at



As one of two RYA High Performance Sailing clubs in the UK we host a fleet of 6 British Sailing 2.4's. As a single hander its one of the most technically challenging boats, you wonlt beleive how many controls you have to play with. We have access to a training 2.4 if you are a member and fancy a go!




Queen Mary is the perfect location to race an RS K6 with such a large expanse of water, competitive asysmetric fleets and a hoist to make launching and retrieving simple the K6 sailor can be recognised in the boat park by the permanent grin!


Other dinghies which are well represented in the boat park include the RS Feva, Laser Vago and the Laser Pico.



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