The Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge!

Hello, and welcome to our Guinness World Record attempt.

'Plastic Bottles seem harmless enough, they are convenient and disposable - or are they? In Fact here in Britain we are making a difference, with initiatives taken by our local councils, although less than half our plastic bottles are recycled back into usable products. The campaign group Recycle now estimates that in Britain alone, 16 million plastic bottles are not recycled every day, and discarded. These bottles can take at least 500yrs to decompose, in other words we adults will be leaving an unmanageable legacy for generations to come unless we take further action now. Furthermore, if we include developed, under developed Countries, and our Oceans worldwide, the ratio of fish to plastic by weight by 2050 will exceed all the fish in the sea, a sobering thought.

Education is the key to spreading the word, if we are to tackle this problem for future generations of our children; the Queen Mary Sailing Club, Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge is a really fun way of doing just that. Read on, this is a high profile challenge, and a Guinness Book of Records - Official Record Attempt as well.

I look forward to seeing some marvellous examples of nautical ingenuity!'

Richard Steele - Vice Commodore QMSC

What is it?

Young people in school today will bear the brunt of the future environmental impact of inadequately managed plastic. This Challenge will develop awareness of the environmental impact of plastic through a Guinness World Record attempt using plastic bottles to make model boats.

Our aim is to inspire plastic education in classrooms, to promote respect for our waterways and to increase sailing participation. A vision to unite schools and create awareness the global issue of plastic pollution which ends up in our oceans every year.

Before we start. Why is plastic pollution a problem? watch this Sky Video (LINK)


1. The Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge

Model Boat making is an activity already used by schools in Key Stage one for teaching ‘floating and sinking’. The objective is to use plastic bottle boats as a platform to develop educational projects across all years of a school. Our idea is to simultaneously unite schools around the UK in setting a new Guinness World Record (GWR) forThe Most Plastic Bottle Boats Launched Simultaneously. You're invited to join in our World Record uniting the world with plastic bottles. (More...)

2. The Education Projects:

  • The Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge
  • Environment / Pollution / Plastics / Circular Economy
We will be developing a hub of learning resources providing links to materials online and resources to download. Plus an invitation for teachers to send in their previously held plastic projects and case studies where plastic bottles have been used in the class room. Creating an extensive directory of Plastic Education.


3. Make a Boat > Get Afloat

Inspired by boat making and a mass participation World Record we hope students and schools will take the next step to get afloat. This area of the project will attempt to increase on water participation. We will attempt to link schools with sailing centres and help to get your school afloat.

We think participation is important … if you use it, you respect it… engaged to help sustain change

Why are we doing this?

Inspired by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

‘By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the sea’ The new plastics economy.


‘The most plastic bottle boats launched simultaneously at multiple locations’.

This is a project for the whole school with a model boating making project across all key stages of primary and secondary school education. This event will take place at the end of the summer term, in the second or third week of June, after the school exams and just before the summer holidays, 2018.


INSPIRED COMMUNITY: Teachers uniting around the world in this potentially colossal plastics education project. This is a platform for learning, innovation, engagement and every school in the World is in invited to get involved.


  • A minimum of 500 boats to set a record
  • A minimum 25 boats per venue
  • All boats must be launched within 5 seconds
  • All boats must float for atleast 1 minute.
  • Each venue to comply with the Guinness World Record Guidelines

We hope to sign up at least 40 teachers and create over 1000 Guinness World Record Holders!

Calling all teachers...

This is the beginning of the campaign and behind the scenes we are busy creating the teaching resources for the event packs. But, the search has started... We are looking for teachers who would like to get involved, sign up their class to be part of the Guinness World Record in June 2018. Lets bring the classroom to life with plastic bottle boats!

To register your interest in this event please click here


Thank you for reading.

If the first attempt is successful then we plan to hold World Record attempts every two or three years. Allowing time for the event to recover, refresh and become a sustainable education in plastic.


The Plastic Education Team

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